Workmail search engine optimization software 3.0


Workmail search engine optimization software 3.0.
This software will optimize your website or webpage for Google/bing/yahoo search engine,it works like millions computer
and user are searching your keywords and tell search engine your keywords or website are popular.
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Butterfly Web Email Catcher Software/font>


Butterfly Web Real Time Email Catcher Software Is A Program Will Catch Email When
You Browser Ie In WWW.Not LikeOther Email Spider System Software Just Catch Web Master's
Email,It Will Catch IE's Email After Login Password Or Cookie Or Asp.So It Will Catch
Really Web User's Email Address.
We Have Two Version:
Free Version:
It Will Upload Email To Our Center. Than,You Can Save To A Email List File.
Normal Version:
It Could Deliever Email Real Time After Catch Email From IE.
It Will Not Upload Email Address Again.
It Could Load Email Address Files.
It Could Save To Two Format Of Email List,One For Normal Format,One For Laf-Protect Format.
In Laf-Protect Format,It Will Save Html's Title,Too.Then, You Can Use Laf Bulk Email Program
To Deliever And Insert Keyword <-domain-> In EDM's Body. It Will Translate To Email From Html's Title.
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Laf Mass-Email High-Quility Sender Program

Average Change Smtp IP for High-Quility Email Business And:
Deliever System:
1.Dns Smtp support!
2.Open Relay Smtp List Support!
3.Your ISP Password Login Smtp Support!!
4.P-Dns Mode Deliever Support!!
If You Are P-Version Of User. You Will Receive A P-Smtp Server Program For Install To The Computer
Which You Want To Cooperate Deliever. It Will Switch P-Smtp Server By Turn And Avoid The Isp To
Limit Receive You Email In A Short Time.
5.P-Smtp Mode Deliever Support!!
It Will Deliever To P-Smtp Server For The First,Then Deliever To Normal Open Relay Smtp.
And 100 % Hidden You Deliever Ip And Without 25 Port Again!!
Mail Deliever Speed Control System:
100% Success Email Deliever!! It Will Switch To Next Smtp Automaticlly.
Adjust Sending Email Speed Rate For High-Guility Email Business.
Detail Email Address Source Web Title And Email Security System:
Insert Keyword,If You Load Laf-Protect Format Email List,It Will Translate To
Email's Source Html Title In EDM's Body.
Laf Target -Email High-Quility Sender Program Download Trial Version(200 Limit For Each Time)

Sor SMTP Searcher Program

For High-Quility email business Usage.
Allowance For RFC Law. - Open rangage Search.
Send a Test Email To Your Email Box
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