Workmail Anti-spam Questionary


What WorkMail Offer?


1.1 How We Effect A Real Cure Of Spam?

Yes!! We Did Real Fight Spam!!

The Best Way We Suggest To Solve Email Spam Is Not Only Base On Opti-in Or Opti-out Problem.
If We Don't Figure Out What's The Internet's Basic Communicate Function. It Will Not Solve Spam
Problem By Anyway.
In Fact,Opti-out or Opti-in Law Will Cause The Increase Of Spam Growth Up Or ISP Practice Deception On The Public In The Furture.

Because The Law Will Encourage The Email Sendor To Be A Real Ineffective Spammer!!(Will Not Show (not only fake)
Any Real Information About He/She/It/They Are And Still Inefficiency And Out Of Control.) Or Close To Spam Agency System , And The People
Don't Know Why Children Must Unsubscribe Pron Adv. Again And Again Even They Don't Leave
Any Email On Adult like Board! The Spam Problem Is Getting Worse Because The Major Problem
Is Your Email Address Or Something In It ?? Resell Privily(Maybe Your Isp's MIS) And send Again And Again But They Disconsider Email User's
Favor Need Information And Privacy Right, And The Email's User Did Not Have Any Right To Control The Basic Function Of
Email Even They Don't Leave Any Email Address On Internet.
We Must Force The E-business Base on Understand "What's Your Favor Need And Effective Communicate
With Each Other On The "Same Topic Or The Source" To Avoid The Spam!!
Once The People Write Down The Email Address In Web Site For E-service Or Business Or Discuess Forum.
It "DOES" Mean That Want To Receive Information From That Discuess "Sitution" Which Made
By Topic Base Background Knowledge.
So,The Best Way To Solve Spam Is When You First Send Email To Somebody You Don't Contract Before,
You Must Note Where You Find His Email Address(From Newspaper??,"Charactery"
Topic Or Source Keyword In Email?? **Warning: To Avoid Automatically Spilder Program Deliever,Url String Is Not
Good For Detail Source Law,Because It Still Not Attach Email "Meaning For" Value**,And Take Measure
By What We Call Detail-Source Law. For More Exact,If The User Remove Email
Address From The Same Topic,It Will Not Be Allowed To Deliever After A Period of Time.
In That Situation,All Spam Problem Will Cure And Find The Balance With E-business And We Call It Is
Final Ultimate Solution To The Spam Problem Which We Are Promoting!!
Because Email Is The Windows To Receive Information From The Internet.
If We Solve Spam Problem Focus On "Understand" Each Other "Favor Need" And Protect Privacy Right. Not Only Opti-In Opti-Out.
We Can Get The Belance Between From E-business-Market And Spam Confuse.
For Cure Spam Problem,We Are The First Web Redefine Spam Is "Un Target and Undetail-Source Email
(UTE AND USE)" In 2003/5/2 Replace "Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE)" Before.
Ps.In Fact,We Are Going Prepare Design Free Fliter Email(Anti-spam??) Receiver Software ,Too
To The Goverment Who Are "Real" Want Cure Spam Proplem
And Rescure The Spirit Of Internet's Basic Communicate Function
Could Technology Cure Spam??
Filter System Could Limit The Amount Of Email,But It Will Not Cure Spam,

Because It Burden Every User With Unfair And Unfaithful Email System Cost.
But It May Possible.If The All Mailer Deliever Program
Direct Send To Recipient's Mail Server Not To The Isp Smtp
It Means No More "Receiver" Smtp Must Burden With Mass Junk Mail

Or Virus Risk In Short Time From The Same Ip Again.
Because It Burden Every Mass Email Deliever System With Machines,P-Software,IP Daily Mail Sent Credit Cost.
Just Like Penny-Black Plan.
To The Programmer Who Are "Real" Want Cure Spam!!


1.2 What Are Laf Target Sendor Software Doing?

Email Deliever System:

We Are Major In Mass Opti-in Email And Email Direct Marketing Program Cor. in Taiwan.
As We Know,The Email System Could Deliever To Each Other By Four Way:
1.Dns Deliever:
The Mailer Program Has It's Own Internal SMTP Server And Delivers E-mail Messages Directly To
The Recipients Without Your ISP Mail Box,Or You Can Deliever Dns First,Then If It Response Error
Turn To Smtp Deliever For Make Sure Deliever.
2.Smtp Deliever:
The Mailer Use Other SMTP Server And Delivers E-mail Messages Directly To The Recipients.
3. Smtp Password Login Deliever:
The Mailer Use ISP's Email SMTP Server And Delivers E-mail Messages With Password And Login
Account First, Then Mail To Recipients.
4. P-Dns Mode (Without 25 Port) :
The Mailer Use P-Smtp Server To Deliever (The Computer Which P-Server Program Are Installed)
You Must Install P- Program First,Then Note The Computer's Ip,Then Input The Ip In Laf Program's
P-Dns Mode Or P-Smtp Mode(P-Smtp Mode It Still Need Open Relay Smtp).The Laf Sendor Program Will Deliever Email
By Turn Of P-Server To Avoid The Isp Mail Server To Refuse Receive Your Email In A Short Time By Single Ip.
It Will Not Need Your Computer's 25 Port again. And It Will Not Show Your Original Laf Program Computer Ip.
,It Will Communicate Each P- Server By 8080 Port.
5. P-Smtp Mode (Without 25 Port):
The Mailer Use P-Smtp Server To Deliever (The Computer Which P-Server Program Are Installed)
You Must Install P-Server Program First,Then Note The Computer's Ip,Then Input The P-Smtp Ip In Laf Program's
P-Dns Mode Or P-Smtp Mode(P-Smtp Mode It Still Need Smtp,Input Smtp List In Smtp Box First).
The Laf Sendor Program Will Deliever Email By Turn Of P-Server ,Then Send To Open relay Smtp Next.
.It Will Not Need Your Computer's 25 Port again.
And It Will Not Show Your Original Laf Program Computer Ip.It Will Communicate Each P- Server
By 8080 Port first,And Open Relay Next.
The Mailer Use P-Server First Then Deliever To Smtp Server Next.And It Will Not Show Your Original
Deliever Computer Ip,Too.
For High Quility Mass Email Business (Not Mean Would Must Be Spam),You Must Avoid The Refuse
Receive By Single Mail Server ,No Mater Opti-in Email Or Opti-Out Email Or Business Email, Because
The Recipients's Mail Server Couldn't Figure Out Which They Are Difference! From Now On,
The ISP like Yahoo,Aol,Sina or China 163, Always Refuse your Deliever or Limit Your Email
Deliever Flow Rate And Kit To the Junk Files. Even The Opti-in Email Does.
If You Don't Have Free Email Account Service And "Famous Enought" To Communicate With
Famous ISP.The One Thing You Could Do Is Reduce The Email Deliever Flow Rate And Change
To The Next SMTP IP(If P-Smtp Or P-Dns,It Will Not Need Your Computer's 25Port) List To Make
Sure Your High Quility Email Business
(Not Kit To The Junk Files) And 100% Will Deliever Success.

Email Address Security System:

The Laf Sendor Software Not Only Support Normal Email Format .
It Support Laf Special Format Which Save By Butterfly Program Like:
When You Decode It In Laf Program,It Will Show You Like:,Tommy Music Forum.

Email Detail Source System:

If You Insert Source Keyword.
Your Email E-DM Will Translate <-Domain-> To A Source Keyword "Music ".
That's Why We Say You Are Not Spammer.That's Why We Bid For Goverment's Support
Detail Source Law.
Change The Way Of Collecting Email By Effective Attitude,It Is Email Business's Future.

1.2 What is Butterfly Web Email Catcher Software Doing??

Butterfly Is The Program Which Could Catch The Email Address From Your IE Broswer In Real Time.
And Could Deliever Your Business Email In Real Time ,Too. As We Know,To Be The Spam Is Not Good.
The Major Problem Is You Don't Have Private Or Business With The Recipients Before.
But Did You Think If You Browser The New Web,And Want Find Out Some Business In The Web Or
Web's Forum.The Email Is The Only Good Way. The Email Is Spam Or "Meaning for" E-Business
Is Decide By Your Recipients. So,If You Write Down Where You Found Their Email Address From Html's
Title Head ,Your Recipients Will Think That You Are The Forum-mate And Don't Think You Are Spammer,Too.
For Example, In Butterfly, Once You Find, "" In Leo Music Discuess Forum, If
Butterfly Program Setting Like : "I am your Forum-mate In <-TITLE-> Forum",It will Translate
LIKE "I am your Forum-mate In Leo's Music Forum"......We Don't Think Your Email Will Be Considered
Like A Spam E-mail Again, Becasue Your Receipents Will Think You Are A Forum-mate With Him.
Butterfly Program have Free Version,It Will Upload Email Address Which You Found
To Our Center First, Than You Can Save To A Email List File.
Free Version Download


1.3 What is Sor Smtp Scanner Software Doing??

Sor software Will Finding Smtp Ip From to,And You Can Test By
Mail Account Like ,It Will Deilever A Test Email For Make Sure It Will
Work!! And It Is Allowance By RFC Law.The test email title will like " Sor Test Email from smtp